Plans for a Leas Pavilion Community Archive

Are we frustrated by the lack of progress on the building? – Yes we are.  Is there something constructive we can do in the meantime? Yes we can!!

We intend to create a permanent community archive to preserve and share the Pavilion’s fascinating history.  We have applied for funding from the Coastal Revival Fund (a decision is expected this month) and we also plan to apply to the HLF Sharing Heritage Fund.

If you love the history of Pavilion, we could do with your help! 

Firstly, we need a small group of dedicated people who would be willing to spend quite a bit of time over the next few months on a project working group – especially if you have some skills (however basic) in historical research, archiving and cataloguing, scanning and digitising, graphic design, and web development!

Next, we need help on an occasional basis run community events such as memory cafes, and to assist in collecting, sorting and documenting memorabilia. We already have a few bagfulls that need sorting out!

Finally, we need ALL of you to rummage in your attic or your old scrapbooks to find anything at all that relates to the Leas Pavilion – these might be old postcards, programmes from theatre productions, newspaper articles, etc etc.  Best of all, if you have any memories of trips to the Pavilion, jot them down either now or when you get home, and send them to us – ask your family and friends as well!  We’ll be putting a call out on social media and in other places shortly.

If you are interested in helping, or have anything to contribute to the archive, please contact us via the FLP Facebook page, our website or email us at

Thank you!



2 thoughts on “Plans for a Leas Pavilion Community Archive

  1. Hi, I would be happy to volunteer to assist in the ‘office’ side of things, sorting and filing etc having been a secretary (once upon a time)!


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