Props are flops!

So, we were due to launch SPLOSH!, our art project on the outside of the Pavilion, on the 15th July.  This has had to be postponed because Churchgate have constructed those ‘props’ (see photo) against each wing. This will have blocked the viewing of the artworks we were going to put up on the black hoardings in the windows. Thankfully our main sponsor (the Dutch Embassy) is happy to stay on board with it; and hopefully this will give SDC plenty of time to have these taken down and the wings propped internally with RSJs etc as was meant to happen!

Churchgate knew we were going to have the art exhibition, in fact, they gave us consent to do so. So what do they do a few weeks before the launch? – put up those pieces of wood. Needless to say, we are extremely disappointed with this. (Well, there are other words I could use but don’t want this blog blocked!)

Also, local florist Stem by Stem offered to donate flowers, soil etc for us to perk up the terrace for the art project. These were due to be planted this Thursday but we’ve decided to hold off on this as well, but we will still be doing this just before the launch.

We are aiming for late August/early September but will let you know the exact date when we get those ‘props’ moved.

Not going to let this lie!

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