Help change our fate at the Leas Village Fete (and other news)

We will be pitching up our stall at the Leas Village Fete this Sunday (28th May), selling Pavilion souvenirs such as fridge magnets, tote bags, greeting cards to name but a few. We also have had a very special donation from Charles Vance’s daughter, so come along and have a look, a chat and learn some more about what’s going on. There will also be info about the upcoming art project – more details below.

Purcell’s have done a fantastic job with our feasibility study and we had an initial presentation to Churchgate in March. It went well and they were very impressed with our efforts and we are now trying to arrange a presentation with their funder and we’re hoping it will happen in the next few weeks.

The urgent works on the Pavilion are mainly completed and we are in regular touch with Shepway District Council about any concerns we (or the community) might have.  Those of you who live in Folkestone will have noticed that they have boarded up the windows – this is to allow the air to circulate inside the building to prevent any further dampness encroaching. Not an attractive look, something we have to live with BUT NOT FOR LONG!

As the summer is approaching and the lovely weather is paying us a more regular visit, the Pavilion needs to look a bit more cheerful. So we’d like to place some flowers and foliage on the terrace so that it can be part of the lovely garden displays on the Leas. So……is there anyone out there who could donate plants/flowers/pots/soil so we can do this? Also, anyone who would like to volunteer to help us set it up and/or maintain (water/weed) over the summer would be very welcome.

But that’s not the only thing that’s going to happen this summer. We approached Churchgate for their permission to run an art project on the black wooden hoardings. This is supported, and very much encouraged, by the planning department at SDC.  Initial ideas of a competition for schools/budding artists were too difficult to get off the ground due to H&S issues, so we have secured the services of Netherlands-born local artist Erwin de Boer to design and produce the artwork required for this ambitious project.  He is best known for installing a multi-media display on Piccadilly Circus to commemorate 80 years since WW1.

The Leas Pavilion will be given a similar installation with projections of the tearooms, soldiers leaving Folkestone on their way to France, and images of times past. It is also planned that there may be an audio show to run concurrently in order to recreate a bygone age and a feeling for how the Pavilion would once have looked and sounded.

We have secured funding from the Embassy of the Netherlands for most of the costs of the project, but are also looking to local businesses to make donations for their names to be included on one of the hoardings.  Originally we were hoping to roll this out the weekend of the Leas Village Fete, but we have revised the plan and now aim is to have the artworks in place towards the end of July, as they will have a lifespan of around 3 months, so this would bring us in line with the dates of the Triennial.  With nothing more happening around the building we hope that this will at least spark more interest from the public and visitors.

That’s it for now! If you have any spare bedding plants you can give us, or if you’re business would like to sponsor the art project, then please drop us a line at

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