Art at the Pavilion – get your name in lights (well, on promo materials)

We are thrilled to announce that those sad black panels covering the windows at the Pavilion will become an art installation by Dutch (and Folkestonian) artist Erwin de Boer. The project will also include an audio installation created in cooperation with Sizzle Audio (artist Tom O’Sullivan).

The Dutch Embassy has kindly offered sponsorship for the project but we still need to raise £1600 to cover costs. So we’re reaching out to our Friends and supporters or anyone out there who would be willing to partner the Dutch Embassy in sponsorship. Your organisation/company logo (or even your own name) will be on all promotional/informational materials about the project as well as on display signage at the Pavilion.

THIS IS ALL SCHEDULED TO HAPPEN ON THE 28TH MAY!! So time is of the essence.

If you are truly interested in sponsorship for this project, please contact us immediately on We can give you more information about the installations.  This will be made public on a press release very shortly so we’d like to include your sponsorship to the wide world.

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