Media frenzy!

So, we had our AGM last Wednesday, 21st October. We had a great turnout – twice as many as last year and signed up a bunch of new ‘Friends’. We showed our film, which was very well received and has since been shared with over 12,000 people. If you aren’t one of the 12 thousand, here’s the link to the film:

Save the Leas Pavilion Film

That same morning, we were asked by both BBC Radio Kent and Academy FM Folkestone to do live interviews. The Academy FM was posted on here last week but below are links to the BBC ones (the first was the live interview with our Chairperson, Liz, and the MD of Churchgate, Derek Govey; the second was an interview recorded on the 1st of September).

BBC Radio Kent Interview 1

BBC Radio Kent Interview 2

All of this has given us a lot of contact with other media and arts-related people, which is very valuable for us. So maybe one day we’ll make the national newspapers or BBC1!

Also, a ‘Friend’ and local journalist, Martin Whybrow, will be filming an oral history of the Pavilion and is looking to speak to anyone who worked there, whether it was when it was a theatre or the Leas Club. He’s got a few people lined up already but if you’re interested in participating, please send your details to us at and we’ll pass your details on to Martin.

We are pleased to announce that we have been granted £5k from the Architectural Heritage Fund , so this will be added to our £10k start up grant from HLF and the £9k we’ve raised so far with Crowdfunding (2 days left!). This money is really going to help us to go forward with the lease negotiations, the set up of the Community Benefits Society, as well as getting some costings done. We hope to achieve all this within the next 6 months, but let’s hope it’ll go smoothly and quickly.

The next building inspection is this week (at last!) and so we’ll see if there’s a date when the roof and drainage will be fixed. Will let you know.

With the Crowdfunding project ending at 12.05 am on the 27th, we’ll need to keep up awareness of our campaign and so watch out for more fundraising events, and, of course, these blogs!



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